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Requirements and Process

Step 1: Please complete this Application Form  before April 14, 2023.

Step 2: Please gather and submit the following:

  • Recommendation by a principal of a Montessori school who also agrees to host the TMROC activities required for the resident’s diploma at the school

  • Submission of bachelor’s degree transcript

  • Submission of current teaching certificate (if applicable)

Step 3: Commitment to the Program:

  • Upon initial acceptance, you will receive a copy of the Adult Learner Handbook.

  • You will be required to sign and submit a copy of the Certificate of Receipt and Understanding, acknowledging that you (the applicant) accepts the conditions of TMROC.

Transfer of Credit with MACTE-Accredited Institutions

Residents who have participated in other MACTE-accredited courses will be considered for admission and transfer of credit into this program if upon application, they present a transcript of completed work and a student handbook from the MACTE-accredited institution. The program directors and instructors will transfer the credit onto TMROC transcript. TMROC will take into account academic hours, course components, program attended, and the MACTE competencies for each course. If there is a close match of hours and competencies with passing grades TMROC will transfer credits. The director and instructors will use the current course calendar to determine the remaining academic courses that the resident must attend.


No credit for student teaching will be given. All residents must complete TMROC’s required hours of teaching: 400 for Elementary I and II and 100 hours of observation, planning, and student assessment. No transfer of credit is allowed from non-MACTE accredited institutions.


The TMROC director and instructors may grant extensions of up to three years. Ideally, residents will enter TMROC at the beginning of the cycle (Summer Institute I) and complete the cycle as outlined in the course schedule (Appendix B).  Examples of cases in which extensions may be granted include:

  • A participating school requests entry of a resident who must begin teaching immediately. This resident will be permitted to enter the course at the requested date and complete coursework during the following cycle. 

  • The resident has an extenuating circumstance that would be excused under the national Family Leave Act

  • The resident is employed by a school that is gradually implementing the Montessori program, and is not yet ready to support a robust Montessori student teaching experience